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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are AFG products safe?
Yes! Our cribs meet or exceed all US and CPSC regulations, as well as the more stringent JPMA standards. We are also proud to tirelessly dedicate ourselves to your product's safety and regularly audit our factories. With our strict quality control, we are proud to say that our products have not ever been recalled since the day we opened.

Where can I purchase AFG products?

Our "Where to Buy" page has a list of online retailers, as well as a store locator for local retail stores.

Can I buy products directly from AFG?

Sorry, but as a wholesaler, AFG only sells to E-Commerce and retail stores for resale on our behalf; we cannot sell individual items directly to the public.

What warranty comes with your products?

We have a one year limited warranty for products purchased from authorized AFG retailers, unless otherwise noted. Products must be registered with us to be covered under warranty, and the receipt and/or proof of purchase must be retained for the effective duration of the warranty, and is only able to be warranted to the original owner.

How do I register my AFG product?

Click here to register your product online, or mail in the registration card included with your product to:
945 S Greenwood Ave Ste L
Montebello, CA 90640-5838

Where can I buy a crib mattress?
AFG has our own private label mattresses that are available for purchase, which are the same as international the international standards of 51 5/8 inches by 27 1/4 inches. If you prefer, you may also purchase the mattresses from any mattress store.

Why does my product have color discrepancies?

Our cribs are made from natural solid wood, which may contain wood sourced from different factories, regions, trees, or even different parts of the tree (e.g. heartwood), which may result in slight color variations.

Are conversion rails included with the crib? If not, where can I purchase them?

Our convertible cribs come with guard rails for the toddler bed configuration, but require conversion rails to convert to a full size bed. Conversion rails may be purchased from most furniture stores.

Why can't I request parts for my crib if I don't have my purchase order or receipt?

We have several reasons: 1. Despite a similar outward appearance, the sizing or fasteners may be different, as we have different manufacturers. By providing the proof of purchase, we want to ensure that you receive the correct replacement parts. 2. Baby products are very heavily regulated, and therefore we are mandated to have stricter recordkeeping requirements, which any repairs or replacement parts must be logged accurately. 3.As we are a wholesaler with many retailers, our recordkeeping is vastly more intricate and complex, and warranty information often may not be directly accessible.

If I submit a replacement part request today, how soon can I receive it?

It may take 7-10 days to process your request. After your order has shipped out, you should receive it within 3-5 business days. Please note that your request may be delayed if it does not contain all required information.

How can I convert a crib with a moveable drop-side to a fixed-side crib?

Starting June 2010, Cribs that have a drop-side function will no longer be able to be used if you own an AFG drop-side crib. You may obtain a stopper kit from us by e-mailing us at for more information.

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