Warranty Information

Warranty Information

AFG International Products wants you to be satisfied with any product that bears the AFG name or logo. To ensure­ the quality of your product, AFG offers a one-year limited manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase for new units in original packaging for the original purchaser and is not transferable.

The warranty does not cover any used, secondhand or demo models. It does not cover any damage that results from normal wear and tear, alteration to the finish, design or hardware.

In addition, warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligence, improper use, or any other use other than as intended or from failure to maintain and clean the product according to the assembly sheet. Specific rights issued by this warranty may vary by state. Some states do not allow restrictions on how long implied warranties last.

We will provide any replacement parts that have been reported to us within 7 days of purchase. Our warranty guarantees optimal workmanship and lack of significant defects. It is important to keep the original receipt for us to process your request. Moreover, AFG requests that the proper model number and Purchase Order Number (“PO#”) of the items are supplied to us so the correct replacement parts can be sent if needed in the future.

Our obligation under this warranty is to replace or repair the merchandise, at our option, free of charge. DO NOT return products to the store; once a product has been used, federal law mandates the item cannot be resold. Thus, the materials and energy invested in the product would be wasted, not to mention with the high prices of return shipping, we can no longer pass the savings on to you. In the event that AFG determines that a defect resulted from customer abuse or misuse, we will contact you with information about services and methods to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Please note that some of our items have different warranty terms, please see website information and/or enclosed brochures for more information. For instance, our Molly Combo and Molly 6-Drawer Dresser only carries a 3-month warranty.